• Sadhana Vidyalaya

    School for rural children

    An unwavering thirst to serve humanity through Holistic education took the shape of a school inspired by the rich and profound cultural heritage of ancient Indian civilization. It is envisioned to be a residential school that provides quality education based on holistic values.

  • Holistic Workshop

    Holistic Workshop

    SST organizes workshops, lectures, and seminars on spirituality, yoga, naturopathy, Indian culture and art forms

  • Arogya Vardhini

    Holistic Health

    SST has taken up Arogyavardhini project to promote the concept of holistic health. The organization will be called Swami Rama Holistic Health, Treatment, Research and Training Institute.

  • Summer Camps

    Children and Elder's Camp

    The camp is held in the month of May every year. All participants are given a daily routine comprising of morning prayers, yogic asanas and kriyas, pranayama and silent walk along with lectures on various topics and guidance to live life in a happy, healthy and harmonious way.

  • Sadhana Vidya

    Bi Monthly Magazine

    Sadhana Vidya is a bi-monthly magazine brought out by the organisation which contains an editorial written by Guru Pattabhiram, articles based on the teachings of Swami Rama and other Masters as also articles of interest contributed by various Sadhakas.

  • Sadhama Dhama

    Ashram for Holistic Living

    The ashram is situated in the midst of lush green valley, close to Kanva reservoir, near Channapatna on the Bengaluru-Mysore highway

Guru Gamana Program | Residential Summer Camp 2016


Note: Those who can't attend the camp on all the days can join last 3days for Antyesti rituals

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SST Google GroupSST


Dear All,
This message is to invite you to join Sadhana Parivara Google Group for receiving info, updates & transmit information between us seamlessly.
Please be noted that due to much stringent Google spam rules, much of our direct mails to you get bounced back inspite of we trying hard to reach you. Hence we are trying this option of "Google group" so that you receive our mails without any hassles. At any point of time, if you wish to stop receiving messages from us, you can easily do so through the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the messages that you would receive.
In future, all our mail communication shall be pushed via google group. Hence please take a moment to subscribe by visiting below link and select ‘Subscribe to this group’:
Thanks & Regards

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Tribute to Guruji - Guru Samarpana


Guru Samarpana


In the dark woods of my mind, a directionless journey was on

Endless were the questions that pierced my heart

Fear of not knowing was burning my soul

World appeared as though meaningless

My life boat caught in a tsunami of deep dark ocean waters!!!

Life when I knew not…

A casual encounter only for brief moments

With someone whom I never met before but who knew me “through”

Face reminded me of an ancient sage

Tejas being an aura for the divine child

Expressions revealed burning sincerity and words of wisdom

In touch with the eternal source of bliss ever uninterrupted

Eyes filled with infinite grace and compassion

Divine concern that eclipsed mother’s love

Unwavering determination to transform the world

When I knew not even the meaning of the word “Guru”

An encounter that shook my bosom!!!

I lay defenseless in front of the eyes that see through my soul

Brief be the encounter, revived a connection of several lives

Source of Sun that dispels darkness

Light house that shows path to the shore

Pole star guiding me in the journey through the web of Karma

Could someone love me more than I?

Awed at the dimensions of Guru

As though sun light rushes through when windows open

Mind permeated with Guru’s grace

Founded on Sraddha, began a new leaf in my life story!!!

Numerous were his avatars - mother, father, brother, friend and teacher

Every place being teaching ground – home, ashram, temples, lecture halls, sidewalks and shopping malls…

Uncultured rogue was I filled with anger, desire, ego, greed and what not

Seated on a fearful mind ever restless never content

Infinite is his grace to see a sculpture through this raw rock

Unconventional are his tools – love, compassion and patience

Began the ascetic life of a Guru to bring about transformation in me!!!

Lessons on nurturing the temple called Body

Pranayama techniques to catch the twin called Mind

Gayatri mantra upadesa to go back to the source

Art of greasing the practice with love, devotion and surrender

Revolutionary thoughts – “Freedom from the Known”

Novel ideas – “24x7 Yoga”

Guru’s sankalpa for my “Antar Darshan”

Sutras for blossoming of mind

Human out of uncultured rogue

Divine out of Human

Eternal are the efforts of Guru ever flowing

Guru’s infinite love, my life source

Guru’s leela, subdue of my ego and evolution of surrender

Guru’s krupa, anchoring discrimination in the muddy soil of my mind

Guru’s grace, answers to my asked and unasked questions

Guru’s sadhana, expression of my blossoming mind in life moments

Guru’s will, projects executed through me as instrument

Guru’s sankalpa, his journey with me, for me to gain my grace

Guru, the divine force that filled my life with auspiciousness 

“I” am not alone

This “I” represents thousands of families “Touched by the Grace”

Guru’s tapasya, Harmony, Health and Happiness in our families

Divine will, having written the last chapter, Guru leaving the physical plane

Have I been robbed off my life source?

Have I been thrown into darkness by the loss of all permeating light?

Whom shall I run to share my joys?

Where will I find the bosom of infinite compassion to shed my tears?

Have I lost of my source of discrimination?

Am I lost in the ocean of life and death as an orphan?

In depths of sorrow and grief with a heavy heart, I am…

Strange is my state of mind, counter to his lifelong teachings

Mind deceives itself at the speed of light

Mind engulfs in ignorance with intensity

Guru is beyond time, space and causation and is Satchidananda

Guru is never dead nay can death touch eternity

Guru is a link through several lives

Guru is bound until the moment of absolute freedom

Connect with that eternal source Oh Mind!

Guru’s tapasya, for everyone’s Antar Darshan

Guru’s path, for our absolute freedom

Guru’s teachings, essence of Vedas

Gone is the search for new knowledge

Begins the courageous journey of Sadhana to practice what has been taught

Let us Arise, Awake and stop not until the goal is reached

Offer as oblation our life, wealth and soul into the fire of Sadhana

Smash away thoughts of lethargy and inertia

Burn in the fire of “Vairagya”, all restless thoughts of imbalanced actions

Embrace noble and balanced thoughts as “Abhyasa Yagna”

Unwavering determination and prayers to be the purest instruments of Guru

Discharge duty with sense of freedom

Nurturing health, protecting harmony in relations

Reducing speed of the mind, loosening the grip of emotions, 

Rejoicing in peace and happiness

Sharing fruits of Sadhana

Let us live as Role Models that our Guru aspired us to be

With unbroken sankalpa to surrender at thy lotus feet

Accept reminder of our mortal lives in thy service

Guruve Saranam

Guruve Saranam

Guruve Saranam

- Guruji's message to a Sadhaka

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Gayathri Mantra Samarpana

Gayathri Mantra Samarpana

Dear All:

Guruji always used to tell me that Guru Mantra and Gayathri Mantra are the foundation in Himalayan Tradition.

After Guruji's demise, it occurred to me that we all start right away chanting one mala (108 times) Gayathri mantra every day and offer it to Guruji as Samarpana during the forthcoming Summer Camp (15th May -21st May 2016)

It is not yet finalised on what day during the camp we will be doing the Samarpana and how (in the form of a homa or otherwise). We will let you know. Those who cannot make it to the camp, they also can take up this Purashcharana and offer it as Samarpana from their respective places.

I shall be grateful if you can kindly respond with your confirmation on this. Your cooperation and understanding will be highly appreciated.

Guru be with you all and guide.

Om Shreem Gurudevaaya Namaha !

1.  Sit in a comfortable position by keeping the back, neck and head along the same line.

2.  Do 3 rounds of Naadi Shodana Pranayama (Anulom Vilom).

3.  Focus on Guru Chakra (just above Eyebrow Centre) and chant
     Hiranyagarbhaa Dhaarabdhaam
     Seshou Vyaasaadhi Madhyamaam
     Swami Shree Rama Paadhaanthaam
     Vandhe Guru Paramparaam
     Vandhe Guru Paramparaam
     Vandhe Guru Paramparaam

4.  Focus your attention on Heart Chakra.

5.  Remember the Rishi, Devatha and Chandas
     Om Vishvaamitra Rishi hi
     Savithaa Dhevataa
     Dhevi Gayathri Chhanda ha
     Dhebhyo Namaa mo vayam

6.  Chant 108 Gayathri Mantra staying in Heart Chakra

7.  After completion of 108 Gayathri, chant
     Namasthe Dhevi Gaayathri
     Saavithri Tripadaaksha rey
     A-jarey A-marey Maatha ha
     Traahimaam Bhava Saagaraath
     Traahimaam Bhava Saagaraath
     Traahimaam Bhava Saagaraath

8.  Then chant Gayathri Seersha
      Om Aapo Jyothi Raso Amrutham Brahma Bhoor Bhuvas Swarom (9 times)

9.  Chant Shanti Mantra and come out
Om Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhina ha
Sarve Santhu Niraamayaa ha
Sarve Badraani Pashyanthuu
Maa Kaschith Dhukka Bhaag Bhaveth
Lokaa Samasthaa Sukhino Bhavanthu
Lokaa Samasthaa Sukhino Bhavanthu
Samastha San Mangalaani Bhavanthu
Om Tat Sat

Om Sahanaa Vavathu
Sahanau Bhunakthu
Saha Veeryam Karavaa Vahai
Tejas Vinaa Vadheetha masthu
Maa Vid Dvishaa Vahai
Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti hi

Om Poornamadhaf Poornamidham
Poornaath Poorna Mudachyate
Poornasya Poorna Maataaya
Poorna Mewaa Vashishyate
Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti hi

Note: As requested earlier, sadhaka's who are joining the Summer Camp are requested to register themselves Online without fail at http://www.sadhanasangama.org/campreg.php . If done already, you may please ignore this.

-Thank you-

N. Narayanan
SST Summer Camp Coordinator

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SST Summer Camp & Guruji Audio Clip

Guruji during Summer Camp

Dear All,

In continuation to our earlier communication on SST Residential Summer Camp from 15th May to 21st May, you may have probably missed our request to register yourself on the link provided confirming your participation for the Camp. Hence this mail is a gentle reminder for your utmost cooperation and support to do so.

Friends, during one of the occasion, Guruji asked me to take up the responsibility of streamlining the camp activities in a phased manner and the beginning is Online Registration. Unless you all cooperate, this particular task is difficult. Therefore, I seek your cooperation by voluntarily registering yourself at the link below and help me to carry on with the task assigned to me by Guruji. Filling the basic info provided on the link would also help the Ashram Administration to facilitate the basic requirements to the participants without any hassles.

I will really appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.  Thanks

Important Update: I recently got the opportunity to listen to one of Guruji's audio clip which is worth sharing with you all for the important message it contains. Listen to the Audio and happily fill up the online registration form :) 

Audio Below:

Jai Gurudev!
V.S. Murlidher

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Guruji Pattabhiram left his physical body

Guruji Pattabhiram

Our Beloved Guruji Pattabhiram, has left his physical body on 16 March 2016. Guruji cremation were carried out at his Ashram, Sadhana Dhama on 17th March 2016.

Remebering Swami Veda Bharti's message at this time for all of us to remember....

What is the ultimate in spirituality? – That when you have learned to liberate yourself, you seek to continue to use body after body for the benefit of others, for the elevation of others, for the enlightenment of others. To pull those out of the well of darkness who are still lying there at the bottom and wailing and crying and thrashing in sorrows and frustrations. The Guru never abandons. The Guru never leaves us incomplete. Whether embodied or disembodied, he will continue to grant his grace.

May the Guru grace be shower on all of us and let us continue to March Ahead on the Path He has showed to us....Vande Guruparamparam....

Note: Summer camp will be held at the earlier announced date (15th May - 21st May) at Sadhana Dhama Ashram. All Sadhaka's are requested to come and attend with their family as we all now know there is someone dear is waiting for us... You may please register for the camp through http://www.sadhanasangama.org/memberreg.php if not done already.

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Sadhana Sangama's Residential Summer Camp - 2016

Dear Sadhakas

Hope this email finds you in good health filled with grace.

As you might be preparing to travel soon for the summer camp in May at Sadhana Sangama Ashram, we wanted to share some exciting developments and seek your support. If you have not registered already, we encourage you to plan your trip asap and confirm your participation by visiting below link:

This year, we will be celebrating Guruji's Sashtiapthapurthi on May 18th as part of the camp. This event will be celebrated as per traditional vedic methods involving Guruji and Jyothima.

It is a great delight for all the Sadhakas who have been touched by Guruji and Jyothima and their selfless service towards our inner unfoldment, to be part of this event. We plan to organize in few ways to express our gratitude to Guruji and Jyothima for their contributions to us, to the society and being role models for all of us to follow their steps.

When each of us look back into the past few decades in our own lives, all of us who have come in touch with Himalayan parampara have had an irreversible transformational experience in life. We could probably go back in time and see those moments that pivoted us from our life style away from our ownself and put us on the path of Sadhana. We have seen our family blossom through the message of Harmony, removal of ego, hatred and conflicts, upliftment out of depressed state of mind establishing in joy and cheerfulness. 

We all have experienced a qualitative difference in our lives once we came in contact with Guruji and have been touched by his profound love and deep concern for our well being. It is our humble effort to compile some of those experiences of our Sadhana parivara and release a booklet at this event.

We humbly request you to share your personal experience with Guruji that made an impact in your lives. It would be good if you can mention specific experiences and how change in your personality happened putting you on path of Sadhana (or) any of his teachings that touched you in any way which inspired you in your personal life. You can prepare one page write up and share with us. Kindly include your name and place you live as well. At this moment, we also request you to share any photos you have with Guruji and Jyothima or photos taken during their programs in your area. Please note that this is to be used in preparing the booklet that shall be released in an informal way to the sadhakas during the camp. We are not planning to release a formal book at this time.

We request you to send this write up and photographs by March 31 by replying to this mail id. We would greatly appreciate if you send in your inputs as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through email.

We look forward to seeing you at the camp and receiving your support in this effort prior to the event.

Love & light

Sadhana Sangama Trust

SST Summer Camp - 2016

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Art of Contentment - 1

New Beginning

Hello Bansuri. How are you doing?

Hi Sankara! I am doing great. For the first time, I feel, I am in BLISS!

Oh is it? How come?

It is my true nature, isn’t it Sankara?

Bansuri, I know you for years! Now don’t fool around! How come you got to know your true nature?

Sankara! I am just trying to remember what our Guruji said that the true nature of our being is Atma Tripti, Atma Bhava and Atmananda. 

Good to know that there is some sort of change in you post attending Sadhana Sangama’s Winter Camp. So how was the camp Bansuri ?

It was marvelous.You surely missed that. I never felt being at home anywhere else than at Sadhana Dhama during the winter camp. 

Great! It’s sad to note that I could not make it, though I thought a lot about it to be there. 

Sankara, I think to attend such camps for a week, sometime it requires lot of efforts & hard decisions compared to going out on a picnic tour for a week effortlessly!

Oh Bansuri! Don’t be too critical, you never know what my situation was back in my family. 

Oh yes, you are right. I should not become too critical of others, just because I attended this camp. I too have my own share of missing camps earlier with some lame excuse. 

Bansuri, I do agree with you that we should make all efforts to be part of Sadhana Sangama camp, as it’s the only time we from different parts of the world come together and spend some quality time in Ashram, listening to Guruji & Amma’s lecture & meditation session, in addition to reflexing our muscles & breaths.. More importantly, get our Sankalpa strengthened & motivated to trend on spiritual path. But alas, sometimes you see… something or the other comes up and hold us from attending the camp. 

Don’t Worry sankara, I have Guruji’s session recorded audio files with me. Why not we together listen it for some time every week?

That’s a great idea Bansuri. Though nothing comes close to listening to Guruji live in front, nevertheless this audio recordings will surely help people like me who missed the camp. Thank you so much. 

Thank you so much Bansuri, I was looking for a New year Message from Guruji and I got it by listening to this clip. 

Sankara, do you mean to say Guruji gave us an advanced New Year Message during the camp ?

Yes Bansuri! Did you not get it ? The New Year message is:

With the grace of Guru Parampara, Let’s all be blessed with the beauty, grace and the joy of natural way of living like a child and get real strength of creative intelligence & patience to be in the state of ‘Now’. 

With that feeling, let’s spend this new year day Bansuri…. See you in next year…  Jai Gurudev.

Jai Gurudev!

- 'Bansuri'

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Sadhana Vidyalaya Annual Day School Function - 2015


Sadhana Vidyalaya, a day school for rural children celebrated its 11th Annual Day School function on 23rd December 2015 (Wednesday) with great enthusiasm and vigor. 

Every child has a unique quality inside and Sadhana Vidyalaya goes that extra mile so as to bring out that hidden talent in them. Celebrating this school day function involving all the classes of Sadhana Vidyalaya right from L.KG. till Standard X was one such step. The students being from rural village, these stage performances really helped the children to remove stage fear and also bringing confidence in them. 

The vision of the school which is to revive the ancient educational model of Gurukula system, in which students and teachers stay together and establish a personal relationship outside the academic zone as well, was very much evident on the day as both the students as well as teachers united together for variety of songs and dance performances. 

The theme for the annual day function was ‘Folk’ and the teachers along with the choreographers and students worked very hard to put up a great show. The result was fruitful with scintillating & sparkling performance of the children from various classes. The parents were very excited and proud of their children for their performances during the function.  The function also had prize distribution for various students for their academic performance and teachers & support staff of Sadhana Vidyalaya were also honored during the function. 

Block Education Officer (BEO) of Chennapatna District, Mr. Mallikaarjun was the chief guest and spoke very high about Sadhana Vidyalaya and its founders Guruji Pattabhiram & Jyothi ji. In his speech during the prize distributions honoring various students, mentioned that Sadhana Vidyalaya with its unique Holistic Education System for the rural children is the best school in the district providing Modern Education blended with traditional culture, scenic environment & moral values. He also appreciated school administration in giving best facilities to the rural children inspite of various challenges in setting up such infrastructure in the rural village.

He also awarded the first SSLC Batch 2014-15 Sadhana Vidyalaya students who have all passed out in flying colors.

Jyothi ji in her vote of thanks shared her experience of meeting a former student of Sadhana Sangama Institution in a park while she was having her morning Walk at Minneapolis, US. She felt immense joy to know that the student is now working in a reputed company as a software engineer. During the course of their talk, the student had thanked his teachers & masters at Sadhana Sangama, for imparting him the culture & moral values along with the modern education because of which he felt he could be a good human being and add some value to the society he belongs. Jyothi Ji also remembered how Guruji Pattabhiram, taking Yoga & Samaj Seva as Mission of his life, unmindful of Engineer-Career has devoted his entire life with a vision to create happy, healthy harmonious society through family values and holistic living principles imparted right at the young budding age along with the much required Modern Education. She finally concluded by stating that every student who gets quality education at Sadhana Vidyalaya, should work towards that vision by becoming a good citizen with moral values and help the society to make it a better place to live. 

Guruji Pattabhiram who attended the entire function inspite of his health issues, gave a brief talk starting with thanking Block Education Officer Mr.Mallikaarjun for greeting the function. He later added that for any Educational institutions to run smoothly and achieve its vision & mission, it needs able support from the students, their parents & school teachers & support staff. In that way, he said, Sadhana Vidyalaya is highly blessed in receiving all three along with able assistance that is provided by the philanthropist continuously in running the school for the rural children. He appreciated the parents from rural village in encouraging their kids in sending them to school for Education. Guruji then mentioned how with able support from the parents & philanthropist, the school could develop over the years with excellent infrastructure including new school building, solar lights, Quality kitchen facilities, Toilet facilities, library, Yoga & the Auditorium Hall. He shared his dream in providing even better infrastructure & facilities in the coming years and sought the much required humble support from all. He ended the speech by blessing all the school children and wished them all the best for their education. 

The annual function ended with the vote of thanks by School Administration & Academic Head Masters by thanking the teachers, support staff and Students for putting up a great show.

Some random pics taken during the function:

Entrance to the Open Amphitheater

Parents turned out in huge numbers

Folk as a theme - students from various classes 

Guruji & Jyothi Ma along with Block Education Officer

School Annual Day Function

Guruji & Jyothi Ma along with audience watching the students performance

Kids watching the function 

SV Annual day function

Jyothi ji sharing a lighter moment with our Guruji

Eager parents watching their kids performance 

SV school annual day function

Sadhana Vidyalaya Annual school day performance

Sadhana Vidyalaya Annual School day function 

Sadhana Vidyalaya Annual School day function 

Sadhana Vidyalaya Annual School day function 

Sadhana Vidyalaya School Annual day Function performance

SV school annual day function

SV school annual day function

Parents from rural village turned up in huge numbers

Chief guest & other speakers 

Jyothi Ji addressing the audience

Block Education Officer Mr.Malllikaarjun addressing the audience

100% pass-out First SSLC batch 2014-15 students

School teachers were honored during the Annual day function

Prizes were distributed for various school students

Sadhana Vidyalaya support staff  shared the stage and were honoured

Thanks for reading this post.

- 'Bansuri'

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Winter Camp - 2015

Winter Camp 2015

Kanva Reservior Road, 4th K.M., Sriramapuri, Kanva Post, Kannamangala  Village, Channapatna Taluk, Ramnagar    District (Bangalore Rural), 
Karnataka – 562108, INDIA
Mr. Sanket  +91-7760555918 (call for registration)
Other Sessions that are part of Camp:
Sessions on Yoga , Pranayama, Meditation, Guest lectures
20th Dec  (4:00 PM) – 26nd Dec (12 noon) 2015

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